Pregnant… in Paris

The name of this blog is a bit of a giveaway. Paris was where I got my first convincing positive pregnancy test result.

I already suspected I might be pregnant before we left for our holiday. My breasts were sore and that was entirely new to me. I’m used to them being fairly inert, so tenderness was a bit of a giveaway. I’d also done two previous pregnancy tests but not really had much in the way of results.

In Paris on the other hand, the stripe was clear and dark. It was the first full day of our holiday and I was knocked up! Astonishingly for the first time in my life, I’d actually bothered to record the dates of my last period so I could calculate how far along I was (4 weeks).

The pregnancy was planned, but happened unexpectedly quickly. We’d only been trying for two months. One piece of very good luck is that my close friend Tanya was visiting Paris at the same time as us. Tanya was pregnant with her second child, so of course I told her and then picked her brain.

I bought my first things for the baby in Paris, a Le Petit Prince spoon and bowl.

I also did some reading, but didn’t have time to do a whole lot of research (or thinking) because of the holiday. This was a good thing in many ways as it stopped me from getting overly anxious about things. I was moderately careful about what I ate (fortunately I don’t like most of the forbidden foods and I don’t drink so it wasn’t much of a hardship).

In terms of symptoms, other than the breast soreness there wasn’t much to begin with. I did get a head cold on our second day in Paris but other than that and a bit of tiredness I was feeling ok. But what a place to find out!


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