Feeeed Meeee

OMG, I’m so hungry all the time! Pregnancy has really brought home to me the difference between comfort eating (I still do that sometimes) and being really truly hungry.

The other day when I got home from work, my stomach was a ravening beast. I had to eat ALL THE THINGS! It was almost scary the degree to which it was driving me. I’m proud that I started with grapes though.

My metabolism is obviously in need of the fuel as my weight gain has been modest. I’ve been getting some mild cravings, mostly for dairy products. After we got back from Europe, I was all about the cheese and going through a 250g block of vintage in less than a week. More recently I’ve been wanting milkshakes, clearly my body is trying to get more calcium. One weird one that I had last week was for MSG (specifically really cheesy chips).

When I started getting morning sickness, I went off coffee. That was confusing as I love a good coffee. It also surprised my desk mate at work who kept offering to make me coffee and couldn’t understand why I was politely refusing. The smell and taste just wasn’t appealing to me. This lasted for a few weeks before I started adding coffee back in by getting a shot in a milkshake. Now I’m back to enjoying it again which is good as I was missing it.

It is disturbing to wake up at 5.30am feeling ravenous and wanting FOOD. I couldn’t get back to bed that time and had to get up and eat something. I’m trying to divert this hunger to fruit (and I have been eating more of that) but often my body just demands carbs or protein. I stocked up on mostly healthy snacks at the supermarket today, some for home and some for work to help get me through without resorting to the cafe or the vending machine more than absolutely necessary.


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