We’re having a …

So, as predicted and hoped, the Verifi test came back clear. It was a huge relief seeing ‘no aneuploidy detected’ written in black and white. It was also wonderful to be able to cancel the amnio.

Our doctor was very pleased for us and we were glad to have such a quick result. Of course we were also able to find out the gender as an added bonus. It turns out, I’m having a boy! We would both be happy with a baby of either gender but it was interesting to find this out as I’ve always had a premonition that I’m going to have boys. It feels really good to know.

I also told my team at work about the pregnancy the same afternoon. Some had already guessed because of hints I’d let slip or my moodiness. It was good to be able to tell them though and one of them even went and bought me some flowers. 😀


2 thoughts on “We’re having a …

  1. You know, I’m reading this post months after the fact so I *know* everything is okay with the baby, but this post still gave me goosebumps. So much stress and worry, gone in an instant. xx

    • It wasn’t entirely gone in an instant because we kinda figured out probably that the test results were ok before we talked to the doctor. It was a massive relief to hear it officially though.

      I wouldn’t wish a high risk result on anyone, but I’d love to see the non-invasive prenatal testing covered by the PBS. It’s already becoming fairly routine in the US, where it is ironically also a lot cheaper. Given the accuracy, fast turnaround and avoidance of the risks associated with amnio and CVS, it should certainly be more readily available to pregnant women.

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