I just had my second ultrasound yesterday.

My first ultrasound was at 13 weeks and it was quite amazing to see a baby in there. It was really visible and the operator got some great shots of hands and feet. It made the whole pregnancy experience a lot more real for both Craig and I. It’s extremely strange to have someone wave a wand over your belly and see something that so resembles a person inside. A weird kind of magic really.

On big relief this time (as well as all of the anatomy measurements looking normal) was that the tech could see the nasal bone. Not being able to see this can be an indicator for Down Syndrome so we were very glad it was visible. She agreed that it looks like a boy “because he has a hand between his legs and that’s characteristic of boys.” Heh. I’m a little surprised that this has started already!

The second scan was at a different place from the first time, this one had 3D ultrasound. Spudlet was pretty wriggly though so we didn’t get very good 3D images. They gave us a video of the scan on DVD to take away with us. We had this scan a week earlier than optimal because we’re both travelling for christmas, so we have another scan booked after we get back just to make sure everything looks fine. It’s nice to have these little windows into Spudlet’s world.


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