Christmas in Utero

I spent christmas this year relaxing at my parent’s place in northern NSW. It’s wonderful to have a chance to do very little and get plenty of rest before the crazy starts. Spudlet is getting stronger all the time and now I can feel him kicking when I’m walking around sometimes.

He’s a very well travelled fetus. At 20 weeks gestation, he’s already been to five European countries and three Australian states! This time I noticed that he didn’t seem to like takeoff, there was much wriggling. He was fine for landing though.

Spudlet had a few things under the tree. Mum and I had found some cute bits to hang above his crib, so we wrapped them for him. I got to unwrap them. We also found quite a few baby clothes at local op shops and a Target sale.  Enough so that I’ll need to send some home to be able to close my suitcase. My main christmas present from my family was a really nice rocking chair with footstool that will be perfect for breastfeeding. It’s waiting at home for me to get back. I expect to spend quite a bit of time in it over the next few years. 😀

My sister, her husband and my niece Lily who is one and a half were visiting as well for some of the time. Lily is very cute, she’s learning to talk and she’s good at walking and running. We taught her to say “hello baby” and wave at my tummy. It gave me a bit of an insight into what I’m in for, but she’s delightful so it’s mostly good.


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