I can’t believe I’m up to the halfway point of my pregnancy (a little beyond in fact). Spudlet is now approximately the size of a rockmelon or pomegranate depending on which fruit based size chart you prefer.

His kicks are getting stronger all the time and he’s starting to weigh more heavily. I’m finding it harder to get up out of chairs and need to remind myself not to stay sitting for too long otherwise it’s painful when I get moving. I’m also starting to waddle a little.

I’m also starting to look a wee bit pregnant. I’m wearing a reasonably fitted t-shirt today and I can see the beginnings of a definite bump. I’m keen to keep my walking up and start doing some swimming to tone it a bit more. The fat is more obvious to me with a baby under it. Walking on the flat is still quite easy and comfortable (once I get going) which is a relief.

We’re starting to look at names and consider nursery furniture and decorations more seriously. We also have a student midwife who will follow us through the pregnancy. 😀


5 thoughts on “Halfway

  1. Thanks for sharing your blog! I think we must be due almost exactly the same time, I’m due May 7. I was just skimming your blog, so glad you were able to get the cell-free test, I did it too because I’m very close to 35 at which age it is now recommended here in the US.

    Great that you have been able to travel still – I was supposed to be in Sydney now, but had to cancel because I had a threatened preterm labour episode at 20 weeks. Fortunately, they were able to get things under control with some medication, but we decided it was too risky to fly so far. Just hoping I can keep this little one in a while longer!

    Best wishes for a smooth and comfortable pregnancy!

    • Thanks Sarah! I’m due a week after you. I’m sorry to hear about your episode and having to cancel travel plans, that’s a great pity. I hope everything goes well for you from here on in. 😀

  2. I saw your bloglink on FB and have read through the entries, I’ve missed you and it’s nice to see how you’ve been doing and coping and what you’ve been dealing with. I’m thinking of you heaps and sending lots of love your way, and enjoying your blog so much 🙂

      • It start’s off weird but I think being able to revisit this kind of thing makes sense, also, I love hearing accounts of people’s lives – how they experience things and also how they’ve dealt with things I might have dealt with or might deal with too. There’s a lot to appeal to your librarian side 🙂

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