Pregnancy by numbers

Here are some numbers from my pregnancy so far:

Number of weeks pregnant: 23

Number of double strength Mylanta consumed (approximately): 45

Number of first names currently on the shortlist: 3 (no, I won’t tell you what they are)

Number of unwanted belly pats so far: 1

Number of completed items knitted by me for spudlet: 8 (I will blog about these soon)

Number of knits currently in progress: 2 (Tiling Fish and Turtle Butt)

Number of ultrasounds (chances to see spudlet): 3

Number of onesies acquired: I don’t know, lots! Mostly from op-shops

Number of times I have burst into tears in front of a medical professional: at least twice

Number of kg gained: 3 (give or take 0.5)

Number of months I’m planning to take off work: 12


2 thoughts on “Pregnancy by numbers

  1. Love this! Showing my inner numbers geek 🙂 I can’t wait to see your knitting.

    You are doing so well to have only gained 3 kgs! I’m at 8 (24 wks), augh, significantly more than needed, mostly due to constant snacking of 1st trimester, if I were to write a post like this I’d have to add a line — Number of crackers consumed between weeks 5 and 16: >20,000 😛

    • Thanks! I’m not displeased with my weight gain. It’s been suggested to me more than once that I could possibly get through my pregnancy without gaining any weight at all(!!) However, I feel pregnancy is stressful enough without adding calorie counting or being overly prescriptive with my eating. I’m getting plenty of fresh fruit and veg, protein and calories and doing lots of walking and I’m happy with that.

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