Ode to the Craig

I haven’t said much on here about my partner, Craig.

He’s definitely worth mentioning as he is wonderful. Having his love and support has made this pregnancy infinitely easier than it otherwise might have been.

Craig and I have been together for over five years. He was always interested in having children, but the actual going through with it took him a while to come to terms with. I was mostly happy to wait because it’s not something I wanted him to be uncertain about or regret.

Those who know us, generally know what a darling Craig is. He’s intelligent, thoughtful, cuddly and very sweet. He’s a great cook and does a lot of the housework. He’s adorably geeky but also has a deep and hard won emotional intelligence that I value more than I can express.

The pregnancy hasn’t been overly easy on either of us. I think it took him longer to come to terms with and to understand some of the limitations it’s put on me. However he has been so helpful and supportive, cooking healthy tasty meals, encouraging me to exercise, giving me massages and generally looking after me. He’s also been taking responsibility for looking after his own issues which I really appreciate at the moment.

Now as we approach our first meeting with spudlet, I believe he’s really looking forward to it. He loves to feel him move and talks to him sometimes. He’s been extra sweet and cuddly lately and likes to talk about the things he will show spudlet as he gets older (mostly bush walking and outdoor stuff). I’m certain that Craig is going to be a great father and I can’t wait to see him cuddling our baby. I know it will melt my heart like nothing else.

When things aren’t going well and I’m feeling down, it helps to think about how lucky I am to have Craig in my life. His support and cuddles make bad days easier and good days really wonderful. I left having children until later in life because I wanted to make sure I was having them with the right person. I’m very confident that this is the case and so thankful that I moved to Perth and found him.