Dad’s first kick

Craig felt spudlet kick for the first time last night. He’s tried to feel it a few times before but spudlet is notably bad for kicking on cue.

Yesterday I was at the dentist and spudlet was kicking harder than I’ve felt before. I’m not sure if he was reacting to the sound or vibration of the cleaning tool or something else. My lovely dentist said he was just saying hello. 😀

Funnily enough when Craig finally felt a kick, I think he was expecting a gentle flutter. Instead spudlet let fly a hefty thump to the vicinity of Craig’s hand. Craig’s response “whoa!” and he felt a few more after that too. Nice for him, but I was very tired and in need of sleep. It felt like spudlet was having a dance party in there which made it harder to relax.

Mostly it’s reassuring to feel spudlet moving but sometimes it startles me and sometimes it’s a bit painful, especially when he kicks low down. It feels particularly weird when he rolls. I’m sure that will get more uncomfortable as he gets bigger. I’ve started singing to him to soothe him and this is something I plan to do more of. He’s big enough now to be able to hear sounds so I’m hoping that by singing and humming to him now, I’ll be able to use the same methods to soothe him after he arrives in the outside world.


Pregnancy – The Quickening

In Highlander, the quickening is like being hit by multiple bolts of lightning. It’s, powerful, visual and impossible to ignore or miss. In pregnancy, quickening (the first detectable movements of the foetus) are tiny, subtle and leave you wondering if you imagined it.

I’m fifteen weeks along at the moment and the last few nights I’ve been feeling faint movements. I only really notice it when I’m lying on my side getting ready to sleep. The lack of other distractions is what makes it noticeable. The first few times, I wasn’t really sure but last night it was more obvious. I think spudlet was doing somersaults in there!

I pointed it out to Craig but of course there’s nothing to feel from the outside yet. I told him that if you shine a light at the foetus it will often move away from it. He was amused and unconvinced but fetched a torch and gave it a go. I’m pretty sure that I felt movement on the other side of my abdomen at one point.

I have mixed feelings about this. On the one hand it’s quite amazing and a little bit wonderful. On the other, I’m afraid to bond too much with spudlet in case hard decisions have to be made. The pregnancy is becoming more real though. I’ve also ‘popped out’ and have what is (to Craig and I at least) a visible bump. It’s firming up and feeling more dense. One benefit of being overweight though is that people around me are less likely to notice or to comment if they do.

Until I can announce it, I guess I’ll just have to wear more loose clothing.