Angry Pregnant Lady

I know it’s a stereotype, but it’s one that fits pretty well at times. Pregnancy hormones definitely make my temper quicker to flare up. Indeed, some of my team at work suspected I was pregnant before I told them, because I’d been grumpier than usual.

Today I’m especially grumpy. I’m feeling very tired and emotional, there’s no particular reason. I didn’t get as much sleep as I could have last night and I had weird dreams. Also, we’re out of coffee beans which is sub-optimal. But I’m definitely more snappy than normal. What’s just as strange is that I’m aware I’m doing it, but not always motivated to do much about it. Probably due to the tiredness.

I get especially steamed by healthy looking young men taking the priority seats on the train and then ignoring heavily pregnant women and old people standing nearby. That shit is just not cool. Also by incompetence which is a pretty big trigger for me anyway.

Some strategies I use when I try to mitigate the grumps include:

  • having something to eat; low blood sugar can help set me off
  • get up and walk around, walk away from the thing that’s making me angry if possible
  • put on headphones and listen to (calm) music
  • find something I enjoy to think about briefly (e.g. what to knit next for spudlet)
  • if I’m at home I’ll often read a book to help soothe myself. This has always been one of my primary self soothing tactics
  • Relax spray from Perfect Potion. Aromatherapy FTW. Come to think of it, I should bring a bottle in to work

If you have any other suggestions for soothing the savage beast, I’d love to hear them. Yes mum, I know you like meditation. 😛