I can’t believe I’m up to the halfway point of my pregnancy (a little beyond in fact). Spudlet is now approximately the size of a rockmelon or pomegranate depending on which fruit based size chart you prefer.

His kicks are getting stronger all the time and he’s starting to weigh more heavily. I’m finding it harder to get up out of chairs and need to remind myself not to stay sitting for too long otherwise it’s painful when I get moving. I’m also starting to waddle a little.

I’m also starting to look a wee bit pregnant. I’m wearing a reasonably fitted t-shirt today and I can see the beginnings of a definite bump. I’m keen to keep my walking up and start doing some swimming to tone it a bit more. The fat is more obvious to me with a baby under it. Walking on the flat is still quite easy and comfortable (once I get going) which is a relief.

We’re starting to look at names and consider nursery furniture and decorations more seriously. We also have a student midwife who will follow us through the pregnancy. 😀